Arab Spring II, 2014 by Nir Hod
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delpozo spring 2015
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Delpozo S/S 2015 Details
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Valentino Fall 2014 
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취한 듯 만남은 짧았지만
빗장 열어 자리했죠
맺지 못한대도 후회하진 않죠
영원한건 없으니까

As if we were drunk, our time was short
Opened the lock and you made your space
Though it couldn’t be grasped I don’t regret it
Because nothing lasts forever

운명이라고 하죠
거부 할 수가 없죠
내 생애 이처럼 아름다운 날
또 다시 올 수 있을까요

They call it fate
It cannot be denied
Throughout my life, will a beautiful day like this
Ever happen again?

고달픈 삶의 길에
당신은 선물인걸
이 사랑이 녹슬지 않도록
늘 닦아 비출게요

Through this tiring walk of life
You are a gift
So that this love does not rust away
I will keep it polished forever

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 fresh ❤ bright
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League of Legends : Order of the Lotus Karma

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